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Empowering Self-Published Authors Succeed and Delighting Book Lovers

We connect self-published authors to readers who love captivating reads. Scribcity actively promotes authors, showcases engaging books, and brings fresh titles to readers.

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Benefits for Authors and Readers

Empowering Self-Published Authors To Succeed | Delighting Book Lovers With Captivating Reads. Boost Your Success Now!

Authors - Enjoy Visibility and Promotion

Scribcity offers unparalleled visibility to self-published authors. By showcasing your work on a dedicated platform, you’re not just another listing on a massive retailer's website. Scribcity’s marketing tools and promotional activities help elevate your book's presence and your personal profile, ensuring you reach a wider audience.

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Empowering Self-Published Authors To Succeed | Delighting Book Lovers With Captivating Reads. Boost Your Success Now!

Authors - Community Support

Scribcity fosters a supportive community of fellow authors, providing a network for sharing experiences, advice, and encouragement. This collective wisdom is invaluable for navigating the complexities of self-publishing and marketing. We also provide valuable insights to help Self-Published Authors find greater success.

Empowering Self-Published Authors To Succeed | Delighting Book Lovers With Captivating Reads. Boost Your Success Now!

Readers – Discover Engaging Books

Gain access to our growing selection of titles, the amazing personalities behind the books and free sample copies provided by the authors. You also enjoy channels to engage with authors of your choice.


For Book Readers: A Treasure Trove of Discovery

  • Fresh Finds

    Scribcity is a haven for readers looking to discover unique stories that they might not find in mainstream bookstores. The platform's focus on self-published authors means you have access to a diverse array of genres, themes, and narratives, curated for quality and originality.

  • Direct Engagement

    Connect directly with authors, provide feedback, ask questions, and learn about the inspiration behind their books. This direct line enhances your reading experience, making it more interactive and personal.

  • Exclusive Content

    Members of the Scribcity community gain access to exclusive content such as early book releases, special editions, and free samples.

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For Self-Published Authors: Making Discoverability a Priority

  • Extended Reach

    Scribcity serves as a bridge between your books and readers hungry for new stories. The platform is designed to help authors magnify their presence in the literary world.

  • Increase Visibility

    Scribcity works tirelessly to increase the visibility of enrolled authors. Authors are show cased frequently across all our platforms at zero cost.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    Scribcity organizes virtual events aimed at increasing sales and providing rewards to authors based on their Self-Published books and personal stories. We believe every book has the potential to inspire, entertain and educate and we help authors in our community unlock this potential.

Join ScribCity Today

Whether you’re an author looking to make your mark in the world of self-publishing or a reader eager to uncover new literary gems, Scribcity offers a dynamic and engaging platform to fulfill your needs. By joining Scribcity, you become part of a community dedicated to the love of books and the support of independent voices in literature. Discover why Scribcity is the place where stories live, grow, and find their audience. Join us in this literary revolution and let’s shape the future of reading and publishing together.

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Empowering Self-Published Authors To Succeed | Delighting Book Lovers With Captivating Reads. Boost Your Success Now!
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The Expertise Behind Scribcity

Crafting a Premier Platform for Authors and Readers

Deep Understanding of Author Needs

With team members who are authors and self-published writers themselves, Scribcity is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges and aspirations of its core users. This insider perspective ensures that the platform is designed to address the specific needs of self-published authors, from visibility challenges to the need for a supportive community. It is a platform built by authors for authors, ensuring that every feature and resource offered resonates with and benefits the writing community.

Deep Understanding of Reader Needs

We are first and foremost – book addicts. We love a good story and believe books are one of the world’s greatest wonders. We understand the thrill of discovering a new author, message, instruction, point of view, or being reminded of old truths in new ways. We are also passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with other readers. Scribcity brings this passion to bear in its mission to create literary heaven for book lovers.

The Power of Community

Most achievements are the result of teamwork. To succeed, Self Published authors must master and leverage multiple moving parts. We are a group of people who have an author’s best interests at heart, believe in the author’s journey, the author’s message and are committed to helping the author succeed.

Digital Marketing Prowess

Our Digital marketing team ensures that Scribcity, every title and author enrolled on the platform, stand out in the crowded online space. Through targeted digital marketing strategies, SEO and SMO best practices, Scribcity is adeptly positioned to attract a broad audience of book lovers and writers. This expertise is crucial not only for the platform's visibility but also for authors who benefit from increased exposure to potential readers. The team's understanding of digital landscapes guarantees that both the platform and its members' works gain prominence and reach.


How it works

Step into the World of ScribCity

Begin by visiting

Become Part of Our Community

Easily sign up by clicking on "Register" or "Get Started." Select an Author or Reader role based on how you want to use the platform.

Showcase Your Literary Persona

Validate your profile to assure the community of your genuine passion for literature. Then, personalize your profile bio from your dashboard.

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Share Your Masterpieces

For Authors, create listings of your books or publications, inviting the world to discover and embrace your work. This is where your works find their audience.

Let Scribcity Amplify Your Voice

Once you've set the stage, Scribcity takes the baton, propelling your literary work into the spotlight where it belongs.

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Join us at ScribCity

where authors flourish, stories come alive, and readers find their next great adventure.
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Empowering Self-Published Authors To Succeed | Delighting Book Lovers With Captivating Reads. Boost Your Success Now!
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