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Developing Writers and Authors Into Successful Professionals

We support developing, aspiring writers and authors to greater levels of success. If you are passionate about writing and exploring the immense influence you could wield by being an outstanding writer, get connected to the Scribcity Develop program.

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Deepen your Writing Skills

Scribcity continuously creates and curates information relevant for you to improve your writing skills. Training and development are pivotal in setting you apart. You are guaranteed to find the resources you need to become a better writer. 

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Get Rewarded for Doing What You Love

Scribcity routinely runs contests to encourage you to write and put what you have learnt into practice. We offer cash rewards, scholarships, discounts and cash rewards for successful participants in our published events.

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Discover Best Practices to Put You Ahead

We provide insights and advocate on industry best practices to allow you profitably commercialize your writing skills.

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How it Works

  • Join Scribcity

    Sign up for free and update your profile. Ensure your profile projects your desired personal brand as your peers and audience will discover via your profile.

  • Follow Us on our Social Media Channels

    When contests and events kick off, we will announce the details on our website and social media platforms. Stay updated, get early notifications and get a good head start on events and contests.

  • Follow the Rules

    Each event will have its unique guidelines. Please ensure you follow the specific instructions associated with any contest to maximize the value you get from participating.

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Our Rewards

  • Increased visibility

    When you sign up and participate in our contests, Scribcity positions your content, making it accessible to our growing audience of reading enthusiasts, passionate about discovering literary gems like you.

  • Grants and Discounts

    Scribcity identifies proven distinguished leaders who offer training programs. Select candidates from our programs are offered sponsorships to attend these programs.

  • Other Rewards

    For select contests, we offer cash prizes to further encourage writers to continue to push the limits of their proficiencies.

What Next?

Sign up. Follow us on our social media channels. Enrol for contests as we roll them out.

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