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Apr 16
Organizing Virtual Book Launches for Self-Published Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

In today’s digital-first world, virtual book launches have emerged as a powerful tool for self-published authors to showcase their work, connect with readers, and generate buzz without the geographical limitations of traditional in-person events. A successful virtual launch can catapult your book into the spotlight, creating a memorable experience for your audience. This article provides […]

Apr 08
Editing and Proofreading Tips for Self-Published Authors: Perfecting Your Manuscript

For self-published authors, the journey from a draft to a polished manuscript is both exhilarating and daunting. Editing and proofreading are critical stages that can elevate a good book to a great one, ensuring clarity, cohesiveness, and a seamless reader experience. However, without the support of a traditional publishing house, self-published authors often navigate these […]

Mar 27
Explore the Rise of Self Published Authors in the Digital Age – 6 Takeaways

Self Published Authors are presented with a novel opportunity. In recent years, the literary world has witnessed a remarkable transformation, one that has shifted the dynamics of publishing and brought a surge of fresh talent to the forefront. This transformation is the rise of self-published authors, a trend that has gained momentum in the digital […]

Feb 20
Self Publishing Common Errors Authors Must Avoid

A review was conducted to identify common pitfalls encountered by emerging self-published authors. Here are the top 8 that stand out based on insights drawn from engaging successful and less successful authors.

Dec 29
Self Published Authors – How Scribcity Showcases Authors to Readers

Scribcity actively promotes registered Self Published Authors. Market analysis shows that readers need more efficient ways to peruse and consume data about books before they make a purchasing decision. The platform meets this need by presenting the author's and book's details in an engaging format. Authors are presented frequently to the audience for discovery across Scribcity platforms. Readers and users on our platforms and social media channels will frequently see authors and books they are likely to be interested in and will get a chance to quickly peruse the samples provided.…

Dec 26
Unlocking Success in Self-Publishing: The Power of Team Collaboration in Writing and Publishing

Most achievements are the result of teamwork. Great human feats have and will almost always be the result of a group of different stakeholders coming together to achieve something.  Book publishing is no exception. For a successful piece of literary work to be delivered, several key players must make valuable input. For instance, some publications […]

Dec 17
Promoting great stories by supporting Self-Published authors.

Authors who self-publish must overcome many challenges on the journey to success. This slow, painstaking, and painful journey results in far too many authors failing to achieve commercial success. Some of these issues include: 1. Limited Visibility and Recognition: Without the benefit of a known name or brand, this key sales and marketing lever is not […]

Dec 10
Unveiling Scribcity: Revolutionizing Author Discovery and Empowering Global Readers

In the intricate world of publishing, the journey from creation to profitable exposure requires a symphony of skills. Authors invest significant time and creativity to articulate their knowledge and messages on paper, fueled by dreams of widespread success. However, the harsh reality sets in when the anticipated influx of eager readers fails to materialize. Authors […]

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